Unbound Love For India

The team behind the initiative!

Smita Sharma 

Smita Sharma is a photojournalist and visual storyteller reporting on critical human rights and social issues in her own community as well as in the Global South on assignments for Human Rights Watch, National Geographic Magazine, and other publications. She is committed to representing people with dignity and telling underrepresented stories with impact.
Smita is a TED Fellow and an IWMF Reporting Fellow and is the recipient of Amnesty International award for Human Rights journalism, One World Media awards and The Hindu photojournalism awards. Her work has been exhibited and shown globally including at the UN Headquarters in New York.

Srishti Digilife 

We believe in being the support system for the entire community of visual storytellers.  As an international distribution and marketing company, we partner with the finest global imaging brands to bring the most creative and advanced imaging experience.
With offices in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka, we aim to market and supply a wide range of the imaging industry’s best accessories to suit the needs of a varied clientele.
Srishti takes interest in generating public interest in photography and regularly collaborates with renowned photographers to conduct panel discussions, workshops, seminars, photo walks, and other activities.
CSR has been an integral part of the organization’s reputation, consciously taking efforts to pay back, by supporting the economic, social, environmental welfare of the society.
The growing realization of the effect of these activities creates awareness to contribute to the wealth of the community, which is the outcome of intentional decision making.
We make sure to keep up the ethics, that which involves actions that are morally upright and take great pride in being a part of this campaign, to be a bridge connecting the community & the society!
We take this opportunity to thank and appreciate all forty five photographers &  the brands we are associated with- Nikon, Ilford, Manfrotto, Joby, Inspire Madras, Gulf Photo Plus, The Everyday Projects, who also believe in giving back, especially in such crisis!


ILFORD is one of the only companies in the world to offer its customers a ‘best in class’ solution for producing outstanding printed images and displays, regardless of their application.
The ILFORD name is well established in the history of imaging and today continues to be associated with cutting edge technology thanks to its strong links to the photographic and commercial wide format markets, research and development, technical know-how and manufacturing capabilities.
ILFORD is glad to associate for this fundraiser & has graciously come forward to sponsor some of the best Archival Papers in the industry for the prints. The Papers that will be used are: Ilford Galerie Gold Fiber Silk and Ilford Galerie Smooth Cotton Rag/ Textured Cotton Rag.


V.Karthik is the co-founder of Inspire Madras and an ILFORD certified print master. He has been practicing fine print since 1985 and his multiple decades of experience has helped many Indian and International photographers to access high quality work in film and prints.
The foundation of his practice is the Photographic Conservation Laboratory, which ensures a total and truthful transition from file to print. Today, with state of the art aqueous pigment (Inkjet or Giclee) printers and x-rite colour management, V.Karthik and his organisation, Inspire Madras endeavours to bring fine art prints to everyone.